Oatey® 1.7 oz. No.5 Paste Flux (1.7 oz.)


SKU: 6446470

Oatey® No. 5 Paste Flux is a petrolatum-based flux designed to provide superior wetting properties for better solder flow. It can be used with most soft solders, 100% lead-free and safe for use on potable water applications. No. 5 Paste Flux's formula prevents copper piping turning green and is excellent for large diameter copper pipe applications. Oatey products have earned the trust of plumbing professional for over 100 years.

1.7 oz.
Petrolatum-based solder paste flux
100% lead-free paste cleans and fluxes copper piping
Effective on all metals except aluminum and stainless steel
Ideal for large diameter copper piping
Petroleum base provides cleaning effectiveness
Will not turn copper piping green
Compatible with all common plumbing solder alloys
Material is safe for use in drinking water applications
NSF standard 14 (performance) and standard 61 (health effects) certified
Excellent wetting characteristics for better solder flow and exceptional bonding

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