Lomanco 1800 Addavent Gable Mount Ventilator 1800 (1800)


SKU: 5206610

Lomanco offers two styles of electric power vents- the Lomancool™ 2000and the Add-A-Vent 1800. The 2000 is a roof mount power vent and the 1800 is designed to be mounted behind an existing vent to add powered ventilation to a gable.

Lomanco® Add-A-Vent 1800
Factory-set adjustable thermostat (switches on at 100 degrees and off at 85 degrees).
Can be mounted in horizontal or vertical positions on either 16" or 24" on center framing members.
Optional humidistat is adjustable to fit individual attic humidity levels.
Designed to mount behind existing gable louver.
5 year limited warranty.

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