Air King Range Hood Filters Charcoal Odor Filter 7-5/8-Inch (7-3/4" x 7-3/4" x 3/8")

Air King

SKU: 1366269

Make sure to properly maintain your Air King range hood with the correct range hood filters. Filters are offered in standard grease filter, charcoal odor filter or combination grease and charcoal odor filter configurations. Standard grease filters remove grease and debris from cooking and are washable. Charcoal filters can be used in combination with a grease filter for ductless operation and remove odors but are not washable. Combination filters remove grease and debris from cooking as well as filter out odors but are not washable. Charcoal odor or combination filters are required if the range hood will be recirculating the air back into the kitchen.

Need to learn how to clean your range hood grease filter? Watch the Air King video here.

Want to learn more about the difference between ducted and ductless range hoods? Read the Air King blog article here.

To determine which filter you need for your specific range hood, reference the specifications table below.

NOTE: Air King currently offers replace filters for current range hoods as well as previously offered models. Visit the range hood section of this site to see current models. If you can not find your exact model, please use the contact us section and an Air King representative will be happy to guide you through selecting a filter.

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